Friday, December 22nd 7:00pm 2017

The Mike Gamble, Otto Hauser, and Tyler Wood Trio

Improvisational Jazz on a Friday Night. $7.

Tuesday, December 26th 6:30pm 2017

No Trivia on Tuesday, Dec. 26th!

We will resume on Tuesday, January 2nd at 6:30pm. See you there!

Happy Holidays!MORE

Past Events
Wednesday, December 6th 7:00pm 2017

Nadia Reid and Lorkin O'Reilly

Elegant, Moody Folk Pop. $10.

Self-discovery doesn’t come easy. It’s usually a rite of passage to get burned before the wounds can heal and often takes a new perspective to truly understand yourself. 18 months and 10,000kms travelled since many needles first dropped on her debut LP Listen To Formation Look For The Signs, it’s safe to say with new album Preservation, Nadia Reid now knows herself extremely well.

“‘Preservation’ is about the point I started to love myself again. It is about strength, observation and sobriety,” Nadia says. “It’s about when I could see the future again. When the world was good again. When music was realised as my longest standing comfort.”

Through cavernous lows, blissful highs and globe-trotting adventures, music has been by Nadia’s side the entire way. Whether in New Zealand’s familiar rugged beaches and mountains, brutally windy Wellington, her hometown harbour Port Chalmers or the untrodden territory of faceless hotel rooms or the jungle in Kuala Lumpur, every episode of loss, heartbreak, and disappointment glimmers throughout. “Travelling inspires me. I’m learning that things need to happen for the writing to come. Like making time to be alone with my guitar. I’ve grown to crave that. I almost like to starve myself of it to crave it.”

For some, being so far removed from all you know would be unsettling, but Nadia is keen to embrace the challenge of moving forwards in the face of uncertainty. “This place of newness must be where all the good stuff happens,” Nadia reveals. “An artist must be uncomfortable, must tour the world, and mustn’t stay in her home-town for too long. I feel very happy and changed by my time abroad. I have fallen back in love with music, or perhaps learnt to trust her a little more. Often in times of exhaustion, confusion, and home-sickness, music has been the constant.”

An ode to self-reflection and self-betterment, Preservation is the sound of Nadia showing her true colours, taking back a bit of power, and learning more about herself. Deeply intellectual but felt by all, it punches harder than before. Nadia’s beautifully warm vocals coolly wrap around feelings of turbulence, and exude a gently improved confidence. “This record is about being OK with who I am in the world, and who I want to be. Learning to live with the fact I’m a person who operates differently to others, “admits Nadia. “I’m richer for the fact I am a musician. Without this way of being, I couldn’t write songs.”

Returning to the production skills of Ben Edwards in his Sitting Room studios and long term guitarist Sam Taylor, this time around everything is rubbed in more grit and channels Nadia’s deftly profound take on life and whilst we already knew it, her own realisation that it is music which drives her. “I remember recording the tracks, it was about 11 at night, and I felt almost transcendental, as if I was out of my body, singing these words to myself. That’s what these songs are; a confession to my future and past self.”

Nadia has seen the world she once knew become a whole lot larger. Simply singing her truth has taken her to becoming acquainted with her Scottish and Irish heritage during her first full European tour, downtime with long-time sister-from-another-mister Aldous Harding and even making the odd award shortlist along the way (NZ’s 2016 Taite Music Prize).

Rather than growth in its most typical sense of any artist finding their way in the world, Preservation marks a natural passing of time – what you pick up along the way is a bonus. “Making music feels like a very natural expression for me – to record songs and mark time a little. Just like a painter needs to paint pictures.” Sometimes those home comforts can be found a little closer than you might think.MORE

More About LorkinMore About Nadia
Thursday, November 30th 7:00pm 2017

CJ Boyd

With Rebecca Becker and Brett Miller. $7.

More About CJ Boyd
Thursday, November 30th 5:00pm 2017

Troegs Pint Night. 5-7PM

A Happy Hour Event. Free!

Come for happy hour with favorites from Tröegs Brewing including Winter favorites “Blizzard of Hops” and “Mad Elf!”MORE

Saturday, November 11th 7:00pm 2017


The Monthly Reading & Music Series. Free.

Volume is a FREE reading & music series featuring prose, poetry and a short DJ set. Every second Saturday at 7:00 pm at The Spotty. Books are available for purchase and signing.

This month includes:
D. Foy is the author of the novels Made to Break, Patricide, and Absolutely Golden. His stories, poems, and essays have appeared in Guernica, Literary Hub, Salon, Hazlitt, Post Road, Electric Literature, BOMB, the Literary Review, and the Georgia Review.

Shanekia McIntosh is a writer, poet, programmer, and educator born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. McIntosh has performed her writing at the New Museum, Portland Institute of Contemporary Art’s TBA Festival, September Gallery, Powerplnt, and Basilica Hudson.

Followed by a DJ set with Ariel Hellwitz.MORE

More About Volume
Sunday, November 5th 3:00pm 2017

Author Event and Tasting!

Author Elaine Khosrova will be leading a butter tasting & discussing her book. Free.

Author Elaine Khosrova will be leading a butter tasting & discussing her book,now out in softcover just in time for the holiday baking season.

(Signed books make the best gifts, especially—in this case—for the cook, chef or party host in your life)

“Irresistible and fascinating… This is one of those definitive books on a subject that every cook should have.” —Elisabeth Prueitt, co-owner of Tartine Bakery

“Edifying from every point of view–historical, cultural, and culinary.” —David Tanis, author of A Platter of Figs and Other RecipesMORE

Sunday, October 22nd 8:00pm 2017

Diane Cluck & Sam Moss

Returning as a part of their 2017 Northeast tour. $10.

Diane Cluck is a singer-songwriter originally from Lancaster, PA. She describes her music as intuitive folk. She currently resides in Virginia.

Cluck began performing her songs publicly in New York City in 2000. She self-released her first solo album, Diane Cluck, that same year. By 2001 she was appearing regularly at the Sidewalk Cafe in New York’s Lower East Side, a venue that has featured such artists as Jeffrey Lewis, Regina Spektor, and Kimya Dawson. Massachusetts-based record label Important Records distributed Cluck’s second and third albums, Macy’s Day Bird in 2001 and Black With Green Leaves in 2002. Also in 2002, her song “Monte Carlo” was included in a compilation of New York Anti-folk music, Anti-folk Vol. 1, released by British label Rough Trade Records.

She wrote most of her fourth album, Oh Vanille / ova nil, while staying at the Dorland Mountain Arts Colony in Temecula, California in 2003. The album was distributed in 2004 by Important Records, and subsequently reissued on 180g audiophile vinyl pressed by 3 Syllables Records in 2010. Her fifth album, Countless Times, was distributed by Voodoo-Eros in 2005, and her sixth album, Monarcana, 2001-2004, was distributed in 2006 by Very Friendly.

In December 2011 she announced a fan-funded “Song-of-the-Week” project, in which she has been writing and distributing a series of 24 new songs directly to subscribers.

In March 2014, Cluck released her seventh album Boneset, her first in eight years, on 10″ vinyl, CD, and digitally, laid out “Dark to light to dark, the album overends as a mobius strip, its songs seeded with connection and release, overcoming fear with heart…birds, bones, surrender…”

In early 2014, Cluck embarked on a tour of the US, Ireland, the UK & Europe. She released and co-directed her first official music video for Boneset’s first single, Sara.

“She is likely one of the most refined and elegant songwriters in all of neo-folkdom. A brilliant idiosyncratic guitarist, a witty and wise lyricist, an imaginative melody writer with a powerful voice; her dark and introspective tunes are utterly captivating, sorta like an earthier Kate Bush. Watch her spellbind the room.”
–Shawn Bosler of The Village Voice
Sam Moss is a musician living in Boston. His work rambles through various offshoots of Americana, from original and interpreted folk songs, to pastoral and occasionally jagged instrumental guitar. In 2016 he released Fable, his third release featuring voice. He is the recipient of fellowships from the MacDowell Colony and Marble House Project, and his work has been featured in NPR, Paste, and Daytrotter, among others.MORE

More About DianeMore About Sam
Saturday, October 14th 7:00pm 2017


The Monthly Reading & Music Series. Free.

Volume is a FREE reading & music series featuring prose, poetry and a short DJ set. Every second Saturday at 7:00 pm at The Spotty.
Books are available for purchase and signing.

This month includes:
REBECCA WOLFF is the author of one novel and four poetry collections, including the recently released collection One Morning—. She is the founder of the renowned literary journal Fence, and the imprint Fence Books. She is a fellow at the New York State Writers Institute at UAlbany.

A. BALKANO (rhymes with volcano) has published work in Fence, Harper’s and American Poetry Review. He is the author of The Book of Dumb, a novel, and he lives with his family in the state of New York.

Followed by book signing and a DJ set from JACKIE GOSS.

LUCY IVES is the author of the novel Impossible Views of the World. Her writing has appeared in Artforum, Vogue, and elsewhere. She is a graduate of Harvard and the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and holds a Ph.D. in comparative literature from NYU.MORE

More About Volume
Sunday, October 8th 7:00pm 2017

The Spotty Dog International Occasional Short Film Festival

A One-Night-Only Celebration of Short Films. Free!

Yes, we’re doing it again. It’s the sort-of-annual one-night-only Spotty Dog Occasional International Short Film Festival!

Festival Date: Sunday, October 8th, 7-10PM at the Spotty Dog.
(Submission deadline: Friday, 09/29, 5pm.)

Local and non-local filmmakers join us to show their short films. Highbrow and Lowbrow combined with alcohol and good cheer. Space will be limited, so arrive on time and join us!MORE

Friday, October 6th 7:00pm 2017

Charlie Parr Live at the Spotty

Opening with Brad Armstrong and Lorkin O'Reilly. $10.

Fans who have been following Charlie Parr through his previous 13 full-length albums and decades of nonstop touring already know that the Duluth-based songwriter has a way of carving a path straight to the gut. On his newest record, Dog, however, he seems to be digging deeper and hitting those nerves quicker than ever before.

Opening support from Brad Armstrong and Lorkin O’ReillyMORE

Sunday, October 1st 8:00pm 2017

Frank Hurricane, Liz Durette, Bulle, Bunnybrains

This may get serious. $7.

Out of all of our minds music this Sunday night!

As well as our local sonic lovebirds Bulle and BunnybrainsMORE

More About Liz DuretteMore about Frank Hurricane
Friday, August 18th 6:00pm 2017 - Friday, September 29th 5:00pm


The Spotty Dog Occasional Infernational Short FIlm Festival. Free.

It’s time again for the annual one-night-only short film festival.

We are looking for:
Short Films and Videos
Recent Work
10 minutes Maximum
Stop Motion
We strongly advise uploading film files digitally and sharing the link with us.

The deadline for Submissions are due by Friday Sept 29 at 5pm.
We will let everyone know the status of their entry in the coming two weeks.

The film festival is on October 8th, 2017 at 7pm.
More information is coming.MORE

Monday, September 25th 8:00pm 2017


The Knoxville alt-duo of husband/wife Tim Lee and Susan Bauer Lee. $7.

Bark is the alt-duo of husband/wife Tim Lee (Bass VI, Vox) and Susan Bauer Lee (Drums, Vox), both formerly of the TimLee3.

They released their debut self-titled EP in 2015.

Their new full-length LP Year of the Dog lands 10.06.17.

“… a lo-fi post-punk garage-rock combo inspired by American blues and roots revisionists like the Cramps, the Gun Club, and R.L. Burnside ….”
(Knoxville Mercury, 07.06.16)MORE

More About Bark
Saturday, September 9th 7:00pm 2017


The Monthly Reading & Music Series. Free.

Volume is a FREE reading & music series featuring prose, poetry and a short DJ set. Every second Saturday at 7:00 pm at The Spotty.
Books are available for purchase and signing.

The next Volume Presents Samantha Hunt, Anne Korkeakivi and Adrian Shirk.

Samantha Hunt is the author of four books: Mr. Splitfoot, a ghost story; The Invention of Everything Else, a novel about inventor Nikola Tesla; The Seas; and The Dark Dark, her debut short story collection. Hunt is a Guggenheim Fellow.

Anne Korkeakivi is the award-winning author of the novels Shining Sea and An Unexpected Guest. Her short fiction and nonfiction have appeared in numerous publications in the US, UK, and online. Born in NYC, she currently lives in Geneva, Switzerland.

Adrian Shirk is the author of And Your Daughters Shall Prophesy (Counterpoint, 2017). She’s a columnist at Catapult, and her essays have appeared in the The Atlantic and others. She teaches creative writing at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.

Followed by a DJ set by Joe Hagan.MORE

Saturday, September 2nd


Afro Cuban Funk. $7.

Friday, September 1st 8:00pm 2017

Tone Def

Featuring Toni Fajt and Dean Sharp. $7.

Ambient electro acoustic music.MORE

Thursday, August 24th 8:00pm 2017

Ziemba, HNRY FLWR and Scott Kellerhouse

Otherworldly music and sincere theatrics. $7.

“Otherworldly” No Fear of Pop
“Otherworldly” Posture Magazine
“Otherworldly” Impose Magazine
“It’s almost like she’s from another planet.” She Does Podcast

Ziemba’s multisensory performances offer an alchemy that is both alien and familiar. The Brooklyn-based composer, perfumier, geographer, and vocalist builds oozy architectures for her songs using fragrance, costume, and only the most sincere theatrics. She recently founded Ardis Multiverse, a sonic fragrance imprint and artists alliance, and has spent the past year touring nationally and internationally in support of her debut album, “Hope is Never.” She is currently a fire organ artist-in-residence with Guerilla Science, and is hard at work on her forthcoming fragrance/mapping project/album/parallel universe.
HNRY FLWR is the creator of The Message. In 2014 HNRY FLWR began mixing different length sound waves using ancient synthesizers and a team of musical experts to create a type of music that is 100% earnest. Before this Method of sound control, music was an insincere endeavor solely energized by a pure form of propulsion known as Narcissism.

The HNRY FLWR B(r)and was discovered and founded by Blaze Boylan of Blaze B. Mgmt in Brooklyn, NY.

Born into a cult in Iowa, HNRY FLWR grew up meditating and basking in the rays of positivity. After leaving the cult, moving around the world with a psychic single mother, HNRY FLWR landed in New York City as a young man where he learned to cope with the harsh realities of post-cult life by harnessing his earnestly sincere nature in the form of lyric and song. Now with hundreds of songs under his botanical belt, and the balance of light and dark mastered, HNRY FLWR is releasing his debut album, FLOWERAMA, on Paper Garden Records.

FLOWERAMA was recorded at Azimuth Studio with Dave Groener Jr, who has worked with David Byrne, Glen Hansard, They Might Be Giants, Paul Banks. The backing band for Hnry Flwr has evolved and transformed with members of Foxygen, A Place to Bury Strangers, The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, The Undercover Dream Lovers all playing with HNRY FLWR both in the studio and live.MORE

More About ZiembaMore about HNRY FLWR
Saturday, August 12th 7:00pm 2017


The Monthly Reading & Music Series. Free.

Volume is a FREE reading & music series featuring prose, poetry and a short DJ set. Every second Saturday at 7:00 pm at The Spotty.
Books are available for purchase and signing.

The next Volume Presents Lee Matthew Goldberg, Claire McMillan, and Laurie Stone

Lee Matthew Goldberg’s The Mentor is out from Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin’s Press with the film in development. The foreign translations will be published in French and Slovakia. His debut novel Slow Down is a neo-noir thriller. He is the co-curator of the Guerrilla Lit Reading Series and lives in New York City.

Claire McMillan is the author of The Necklace (forthcoming from Touchstone/Simon & Schuster in July 2017) and Gilded Age, inspired by Edith Wharton’s House of Mirth. She currently lives on her husband’s family’s farm near Cleveland with their two children.

Laurie Stone’s latest book is My Life as an Animal: Stories. Her work has appeared in Fence, Open City, and Creative Nonfiction, among numerous other journals. She was a longtime writer for the Village Voice and has received two NYFA grants, among other awards.

Followed by a DJ set by Andy FrenchMORE

Saturday, July 8th 7:00pm 2017


The Monthly Reading & Music Series. Free.

Volume is a FREE reading & music series featuring prose, poetry and a short DJ set. Every second Saturday at 7:00 pm at The Spotty.
Books are available for purchase and signing.

The next Volume presents Courtney Maum, Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich and Christopher Bollen

Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich is the author of The Fact of a Body: A Murder and a Memoir, named one of the most anticipated books of 2017 by Buzzfeed, BookRiot, and Huffington Post. She lives in Boston where she teaches at Grub Street and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

Courtney Maum is the author of the acclaimed novels Touch and I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You, and the chapbook Notes from Mexico. Maum’s work has also been published in the New York Times, O Magazine, Tin House, Electric Literature, and Buzzfeed.

Christopher Bollen is the author of the new novel The Destroyers, as well as Orient and the critically acclaimed Lightning People. His work has also appeared in GQ, the New York Times, New York magazine, and Artforum. He lives in New York and is the Editor-at-Large at Interview magazine.

Followed by a DJ playlist from Amanda TaylorMORE

Sunday, June 25th 4:00pm 2017

Another Michael Hearst Nerd-Fabulous Author Event!

With a Musical PowerPoint presentation of his new book, Curious Constructions. Free!

If you’ve missed Michael’s Spotty events in the past, be prepared for original musical accompaniment to a PowerPoint slideshow featuring his new book. We think he brought his Theramin last time.

In his follow-up to Unusual Creatures and Extraordinary People, with Curious Constructions you’ll come face-to-face with 50 incredible structures, including: a fire-breathing octopus sculpture; the skateboard ramp you’d need to jump the Great Wall of China; a whole community of tree houses in Costa Rica; and a lifesize X-Wing Starfighter built of Legos. These and many more fascinating accounts of constructions both fantastically useful and gloriously unnecessary await inquisitive readers, aspiring engineers, and anyone who ever looked at a skyscraper and thought, “Yeah, but what if it had a roller coaster on top?”

Books are available for signing, and make terrific gifts!MORE

Friday, June 16th 8:00pm 2017

Solid Sound Documentary Screening: "Every Other Summer"

Brendan Canty (of Fugazi) and Christoph Green's documentary. Free.

The Spotty Dog is pleased to be hosting a screening of Every Other Summer, Brendan Canty (of Fugazi) and Christoph Green’s documentary film shot at 2013’s incarnation of the Solid Sound Festival. Featuring performances from Wilco, Neko Case, Yo La Tengo, The Dream Syndicate, Lucius, Foxygen, Sam Amidon, Sean Rowe, The Relatives and appearances from Reggie Watts, John Hodgman, Jen Kirkman and others, Every Other Summer offers a peek into the festival’s utopian vibe, and the positive transformative impact it has had on the small rust belt town of North Adams, MA.

Festival organizers have been generous enough to offer some tickets to Solid Sound 2017 (with Wilco x2, Television, Kurt Vile and the Violaters, Robert Glasper Experiment, Big Thief, John Hodgman’s Comedy Stage, and much more) to give away at the event, as well as some other Soild Sound merch, so put this on your calendar, folks! Do not miss it.MORE

Friday, June 9th 8:00pm 2017


With Zachary Cale & Gregg Skloff. $7.

Trummors is the project of Taos, NM-based (formally West Saugerties/ NYC) musicians Dave Lerner and Anne Cunningham. Lerner who appeared with Ted Leo & the Pharmacists for many years, plays guitar and sings, while Cunningham also contributes vocals along with harmonium. Performing songs from their new LP release “Headlands” which draws inspiration from enduring archetypes of the American West. They play songs of rambling misadventure and fleeting freedom with the occasional bracing dose of reality and a signature easy 70’s rural groove with sweet close-harmony vocals.

Zachary Cale is a NYC based songwriter/musician originally hailing from the small town of Enon, Louisiana. His music ranges from lyrically driven balladry over American Primitive inspired guitar playing to Cosmic Country music and cerebral Folk Rock. In concert his melodically complex guitar playing has been compared to Neil Young and Bert Jansch with nods to pre-war Piedmont and Ragtime players such as Blind Willie McTell and Mississippi John Hurt.

Gregg Skloff’s scope has encompassed various forms and hybrids of rock, folk, jazz, chamber music, noise, sound-object installation, and non-idiomatic improvisation. Over the past decade, his solo efforts have largely inhabited the realm of minimal electro-acoustic ambient drone, heard to profound effect on albums such as “This Time The Ride Belongs To Us” (2014), The eye is the egg (2013), and “Ultraviolet Phase Transition Blues” (2012).

Based in the Pacific Northwest since 1997, Gregg Skloff has played in ensembles led by Bhob Rainey, John Gruntfest, Urs Leimgruber, Moe! Staiano, Matana Roberts, and Gino Robair, among others. He has been a member of The Naked Future (also featuring bass clarinetist Arrington de Dionyso, pianist Thollem McDonas, and drummer John Niekrasz), whose album Gigantomachia was released by ESP-Disk’ in 2009. A resident of Astoria, OR since 2010, Gregg hosts the “And Otherness” program on Coast Community Radio, where his affinity for innovative, ethereal, and/or outré sounds has led writer Robert Ham to describe him as “one of the Oregon coast’s finest supporters of experimental music.”MORE

Thursday, June 8th 8:00pm 2017

Liv Carrow/Ursula Kennedy/Silent Isle (Anastasia Clark)

A Fundraiser for Omkar Lewis. $7.

Prodigal daughter of Hudson’s elusive underground returns for a demonstration of her newly acquired Midwestern accent.

Omkar Lewis, originally scheduled to perform on the bill tonight, is recovering from serious injuries. The artists ad The Spotty Dog will be donating a portion of the proceeds to Omkar.

Joined by fellow cosmic musical freaks Silent Isle (Anastasia Clark–Another Prodigal Daughter of Hudson) and Ursula Kennedy (NYC).MORE

More About LivMore About Ursula
Friday, May 26th 8:00pm 2017

Lily and Horn Horse, Max Hamel, Scott Kellerhouse

Lily Konigsberg and Matt Norman performing as Horn Horse. $7.

Lily Konigsberg is a member of the experimental punk band Palberta and Matt Norman performs as Horn Horse, and together they formed a group called Lily And Horn Horse. The duo will release a collaborative album next month, on the heels of Palberta’s most recent album Bye Bye Berta, by way of Philly’s Ramp Local Records. Lily On Horn Horse is 28-tracks long, and due to its interpretive nature, we’re premiering three of the album’s songs at once so listeners can get a feel for the project. Konigsberg and Norman are both multi-instrumentalists, and their versatility can be heard on “George Jones’ Greatest Hits,” “Dancing In The Tubes,” and my favorite of the trio: “Today.” All three of these tracks recall some of Arthur Russell’s deconstructed pop demos, and on “Today,” Konigsberg and Norman piece together the scaffolding for a pop song that has the melodic potential to be developed into something much, much bigger


More about Horn Horse
Saturday, May 20th 3:00pm 2017

Author Jene Luciani signing... The (Updated!) Bra Book

Come visit with local author, style maven, and "Dr. Oz’s Bra Guru". 3-5pm Free!

Come visit with local author, style maven, and “Dr. Oz’s Bra Guru” Jene Luciani as we celebrate the re-release of her updated The Bra Book.

Luciani continues her mission to arm women with the knowledge they need to find the right fashion support. From the best bra for every outfit to important information about bras and breast health from puberty to retirement, from the physics behind bra design to how you can best ensure a proper fit, The Bra Book: Second Edition is still the ultimate resource on bras for women everywhere.

Lucky for us, Jene has expanded the book to include new and updated, yet essential, information from the ever-changing world of intimate apparel. In the era of “smooth is better,” thanks in part to the “Spanx movement,” The Bra Book: Second Edition now features a guide to the often overwhelming world of shapewear and swimsuits. Luciani eliminates confusion with her friendly guidance on finding the perfect fit and even tackles the uncomfortable questions, such as, “What really causes sagging?”

Discover new ways to best flatter your figure—and have fun shopping for that perfect fit. The Bra Book: Second Edition doesn’t just tell women how bras and shapewear work; it shows them how to make those garments work for them!MORE

More About Jene
Saturday, May 13th 7:00pm 2017


The Monthly Reading & Music Series. Free.

Volume is a FREE reading & music series featuring prose, poetry and a short DJ set. Every second Saturday at 7:00 pm at The Spotty.
Books are available for purchase and signing.

KRISTOPHER JANSMA is the author of Why We Came to the City and The Unchangeable Spots of Leopards, winner of the Sherwood Anderson Foundation Fiction Award, and recipient of an honorable mention for the PEN/ Hemingway Award. He teaches at SUNY New Paltz College.

JAYNE BENJULIAN is the author of Five Sextillion Atoms. Her work appears in numerous literary and performance journals including Agni, Barrow Street, The Cortland Review, Poet Lore, Nimrod, HowlRound, Women’s Review of Books, and Poetry Daily. Jayne lives in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts, where she teaches the writing and performance of poetry and monologue.

JOHN PROCTOR’s work has been published in The Normal School, DIAGRAM, and McSweeney’s. His work was a recent Notable selection in The Best American Essays 2015 and nominated for a 2016 Pushcart. He teaches academic writing and media studies at Manhattanville College.

Followed by book signing and a short DJ set.MORE

More About Volume
Sunday, May 7th 6:00pm 2017

Tinker Street Reading

A Celebration of the Woodstock-Based Journal Tinker Street: ISSUE #1! Free.

A reading in celebration of Tinker Street, a Woodstock-based Journal of Visual Art, Writing and Resistance. Launched on November 9, 2016, Tinker Street is a fireball collection of poetry and prose by writers and artists from the upstate New York region and beyond.

Sparrow lives in a doublewide trailer in vertiginous Phoenicia, New York with his wife Violet Snow. Every morning Sparrow attempts to write a new poem insulting Donald Trump. Sparrow’s latest book: How to Survive the Coming Collapse of Civilization (And Other Helpful Hints).

Violet Snow writes for Woodstock Times and other periodicals. Her fiction has been published in Otter Magazine and recorded for The Strange Recital podcast series. A personal essay, “First Arrest,” appeared in Pilgrimage Magazine. She is writing a book about her ancestors.

Dawn Casteel-Lorick has been entranced by the animal world her entire life. She has worked in many fields, including sanctuaries, shelters, and rescue, and now as an interspecies communicator and healer. She currently lives in Woodstock NY and is working to complete a collection of nature-based writing.MORE

Saturday, May 6th 10:00am 2017

The 8th Annual Hudson Children's Book Festival

Join us at the LARGEST children's book festival in New York State! 10am-3pm. Free!

Join us and 75 awesome authors and illustrators, plus performers and exhibitors at The Hudson Children’s Book Festival on Saturday, May 7th from 10:00AM to 3:00PM.

The Hudson Children’s Book Festival, established in 2009, strives to create, sustain, and nurture a culture of literacy in partnership with our community and schools. This free, public event fosters a love of reading as families meet and greet world-class creators of books for children of all ages.

The featured author for the 2017 Book Festival is JACK GANTOS.
Jack is the author of forty-nine books for children from the “ROTTEN RALPH” picture books, collections of “JACK HENRY” short stories, upper elementary and middle school “JOEY PIGZA” and “NORVELT” novels, young adult books — LOVE CURSE OF THE RUMBAUGHS, DESIRE LINES, HOLE IN MY LIFE and THE TROUBLE IN ME. His work can lead readers from the cradle to the grave.

Please be sure to check their website ( for a full list of authors and schedule of events. The size and quality of this event must be seen to be believed.MORE

More about the festival
Saturday, April 8th 7:00pm 2017


The Monthly Reading & Music Series. Free.

Volume is a FREE reading & music series featuring prose, poetry and a short DJ set. Find us every second Saturday at 7:00 pm at The Spotty Dog Books and Ale in Hudson, NY.

Melissa is the author of the memoir, Whip Smart (St. Martin’s Press 2010), and the essay collection, Abandon Me (Bloomsbury 2017). Her work has recently appeared in Tin House, Granta, the New York Times, Vogue, and Lenny Letter. She lives in Brooklyn.

Paul is author of the novels The Night Ocean (2017), Luminous Airplanes (2011), Haussmann, or the Distinction (2001), and The Artist of the Missing (1999). His writing has appeared in The New Yorker, Harper’s, The Believer, McSweeney’s, and elsewhere. He lives in Red Hook, NY.

Followed by book signing and special guest DJMORE

More About Volume
Friday, March 17th 8:00pm 2017

Glenn Jones and Laura Baird

An evening with a master of American primitive guitar. $10.

Glenn Jones is a master of American Primitive Guitar, a style invented in the late 1950s by John Fahey, whose traditional fingerpicking techniques and wide-ranging influences were used to create modern original compositions. Jones, who led the post-rock ensemble Cul de Sac, brings his own made-up tunings, the use of custom-crafted partial capos, and a highly skilled picking style on both banjo and guitar, to create personal compositions that are lyrical, emotive and elegant. What sets him apart from the myriad guitarists playing today is his ability to tell stories with the guitar and banjo, and to convey a range of emotions.

Laura Baird will also perform!MORE

More About Glenn
Saturday, March 11th 7:00pm 2017


The Monthly Reading & Music Series. Free.

Volume is a FREE reading & music series featuring prose, poetry and a short DJ set. Find us every second Saturday at 7:00 pm at The Spotty Dog Books and Ale in Hudson, NY.

Cynthia Huntington’s newest work is a book-length poem in many voices, titled Terra Nova. Her previous volume, Heavenly Bodies, was a National Book Award finalist. Presently a Guggenheim Fellow in Poetry, Huntington teaches at Dartmouth College and Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Alana Massey is the author of All The Lives I Want and regular columnist at The Guardian, Elle, New York, Hazlitt, and more. She splits her time between her home in the Catskills and Brooklyn. She loves books, cats, glitter, and One Direction.

Kris D’Agostino is the author of The Antiques and The Sleepy Hollow Family Almanac. He is a Pushcart Prize nominee and a Glimmer Train fiction open finalist. He holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the New School and lives in Brooklyn.

Followed by book signing and a short set from DJ Peter Aaron!MORE

More About Volume
Friday, March 10th 6:00pm 2017

Author Event and Wine Tasting

With local author and sommelier Hillary Zio! Free.

Come drink some of our delicious wines with local author and sommelier Hillary Zio tonight from 6-8. She will have her book The Unfiltered Guide to Working in Wine. available for signing.

Pro tip: Author-signed books on food and wine make fantastic gifts!MORE

Wednesday, March 8th 6:00pm 2017

All Women's Eve

A co-event with Drop Forge & Tool (Our next door neighbors!). $5 (for the artists)

In solidarity with International Women’s Day, Drop Forge & Tool, in collaboration with their next door neighbor Spotty Dog Books & Ale (US!), present ALL WOMEN’S EVE, celebrating the divine feminine through music.

First, join us at Drop Forge & Tool (442 Warren Street) for an exhibition of work-in-progress by their current artist in residence, San Francisco-based illustrator Rachel Frankel, who is working on a series of portraits of female musicians.

Then follow us next door to the Spotty Dog for sounds by beloved sound-makers Power Animal System, Emily Ritz, Rebecca Becker and Goldee Dust, joined by Rachel Frankel in an east-meet-west coastal sonic exchange! Katherine Bauer’s films will provide a visual accompaniment to the evening.

Exhibition @ 6pm – 7:30 @ DF&T (442 Warren) | FREE
Music @ 7:30 pm @ Spotty Dog (440 Warren) | $5, all proceeds to artists

Rachel Frankel
San Francisco-based illustrator and graphic artist, Rachel is the lead singer and guitarist of Phosphene, an Oakland-based dream rock band. Their sound is an amalgam of rock, dream pop and shoegaze.

Power Animal System
Witchy wolfgrrl power ass-tral multidimensional starslut cosmic bitch friend lover ally protector — Power Animal System is Jason Martin’s species & gender queer trans-missional-dimensional experiential service via performance, video, seances, assorted images.

Emily Ritz
Creating otherworldly celestial soul music for many years, Emily Ritz has been has been a fixture in the Bay Area music scene since 2006. Moving back east to Hudson, NY and refreshed and energized by her new environment, Emily’s music is constantly evolving. Emily will releasing her new solo album Spring 2017.

Katherine Bauer
Katherine Bauer bathes in the photochemical indulging emulsion to bleed into realms of the magical from whence they came.

Rebecca Becker
Rebecca Becker is not sure what genre this gloop is. Kind of ethereal with eternal longing and a little bit of vomit.

Goldee Dust
Andrea has always been fascinated with creating soundtracks and setting the musical mood for any environment. She was introduced to DJing by her friends at Albany Frequencies, and runs, a website that highlights upcoming shows in the 518 area. In addition to DJing, she plays keyboard in Albany based band, Haley Moley, and also produces music in her spare time.MORE

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Sunday, February 26th 7:00pm 2017

Books Rock!

With authors Tony Fletcher and Peter Aaron. Free.

Peter Aaron is the author of If You Like The Ramones… and most recently The Band FAQ. The Band FAQ digs deep to discuss different facets of the Band’s collective and individual stories providing intensive analysis of their recordings; highlighting their key concerts, collaborations with Bob Dylan, outside projects, musical and non-musical influences, and their contemporary artists; and examining the group’s formidable effect on popular music and their still-thriving legacy. A host of rare images rounds out the book.

Peter is the music editor of Chronogram magazine and the front man of influential New York punk-blues band the Chrome Cranks. His writing has appeared in the Village Voice, the Boston Herald, and other publications, and online at AllMusic and All About Jazz. In the 1980s, he promoted early concerts by Nirvana, the Flaming Lips, White Zombie, and others. He lives in the Hudson Valley.

In the Midnight Hour: the Life & Soul of Wilson Pickett by Tony Fletcher is the first biography of one the most famous, influential, and fascinating figures in soul and R&B. Informed by extensive interviews with Pickett’s family, friends, and collaborators, and illustrated with never-before-seen personal photographs, the book presents detailed first-hand accounts of the legendary recording sessions at Stax, Fame, American and Sigma Studios and includes fascinating insights into the careers of Pickett’s contemporaries, including James Brown, Ike and Tina Turner, Otis Redding, and Bobby Womack.

Tony is the author of seven non-fiction books and one novel. His biography of drummer Keith Moon has been named in many a Best Music Book list, and his biography of R.E.M., updated in 2013 as Perfect Circle, has been published in over half a dozen countries. His latest biography, A Light That Never Goes Out: The Enduring Saga of The Smiths, was published in the UK by William Heinemann in September 2012, and by Crown Archetype in the USA in December 2012, with paperback editions following in the corresponding months of 2013. A memoir of his South London schooldays, Boy About Town, was published in the UK by William Heinemann in July 2013, and is available in the USA as of September 2013.MORE

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Saturday, February 11th 7:00pm 2017


The Monthly Reading & Music Series. Free.

Volume is a FREE reading & music series featuring prose, poetry and a short DJ set. Find us every second Saturday at 7:00 pm at The Spotty Dog Books and Ale in Hudson, NY.

Kassi Underwood is the author of May Cause Love: An Unexpected Journey of Enlightenment After Abortion (Harper One). She frequently speaks about personal transformation, social justice, and the spirituality of abortion. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, The Atlantic online, Guernica, and elsewhere.

Franz Nicolay is a musician (the Hold Steady, Against Me, World/Inferno) and writer who lives in New York. His first book, The Humorless Ladies of Border Control (The New Press), is about underground music and touring in the formerly Communist world.

Roselee Blooston is a Hudson Valley writer whose plays have been produced internationally, and whose prose has been published in magazines, journals, and anthologies. Dying in Dubai: A Memoir of Marriage, Mourning and the Middle East (Apprentice House Press) is her first book.

Followed by book signing and DJ Giovanni Di MolaMORE

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Saturday, January 14th 7:00pm 2017


The Monthly Reading & Music Series. Free.

Volume is a FREE reading & music series featuring prose, poetry and a short DJ set. Find us every second Saturday at 7:00 pm at The Spotty Dog Books and Ale in Hudson, NY.

Tobias Carroll is the managing editor of Vol.1 Brooklyn. He is the author of the novel Reel (Rare Bird Books) and the short story collection Transitory (Civil Coping Mechanisms). His writing has appeared in Tin House, Rolling Stone, Hazlitt, Men’s Journal, and elsewhere.

Sheela Clary is a Moth StorySlam winner, and co-host of Fuel Stories, a storytelling series in Great Barrington. Her articles and essays have appeared in the Berkshire Edge and Numero Cinq, while letters to the editor have been published by the New Yorker.

Gabriel Squailia studied storytelling and literature in India, Europe, and the Middle East before settling in the Berkshires with their partner and daughter. Squailia’s first novel, Dead Boys, was published by Talos Press in 2015, and his second, Viscera, came out in October.

Followed by book signing and Special Guest DJ Stephen Bluhm.MORE

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Thursday, January 5th 7:00pm 2017

Wailing Hudson

An evening of poetry featuring local writers. Free.

With Andy Clausen, Thatcher Keats, Richard Loranger, Jason Tallon, & Pamela Twining reading from their recent work.MORE