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The Spotty Dog Events Calendar
Upcoming Events at the Spotty Dog
Fri, September 27th at 8:00 pm $5 Two Tree + Champu
Sat, September 28th at 8:00 $5 Son Step +Palm
Sat, Oct. 5th at 8:00 $5 Al Margolis, Peter Zummo, and Guy De Bievre perform “Time Zones 0.4 - Private Mutations”
Thurs, Oct. 10th at 8:00 $5 Jonah Parzen-Johnson + Loud & Sad
Sat, Oct. 12th at 8:00 $5 Tim Foljahn / Jonathan Wood Vincent
Sun, Oct. 13th, 4 pm: book signing and sauerkraut demo with Kevin West, author of “Saving the Season”
Sat, Oct. 19th at 8:00 $5 Evan Cory Levine
Sun, Oct. 20th, 4 pm: book signing and multimedia presentation with Eteam, authors of “Buzz Cut”
Sun, Oct. 27th, 4 pm: reading and book signing with Lisa La Monica, author of “Haunted Catskills”
Sun, November 3rd, 4 pm: reading and book signing with Tony Fletcher, author of “Boy About Town”
Sat, November 9th at 8:00 $5 The Warp / The Weft
Fri, November 15th at 8:00 $5 if, Bwana / Crank Sturgeon / Walter Wright
Friday, September 27th
Two Tree + Champu
a0236839126_2 champu
Champu is a collaboration between Brooklyn and Brazil that makes tropical indie rock and ukelele disco dub.
Two Tree is folk music featuring Keri Florence, Luis Granda, and Roger Mason.
Saturday, September 28th
Saturday, October 5th at 8:00 $5 Al Margolis, Peter Zummo, and Guy De Bievre perform “Time Zones 0.4 - Private Mutations”
Thursday, October 10th 8:00 pm
Jonah Parzen-Johnson + Loud & SadJonah Parzen-Johnson is a baritone saxophonist living in Brooklyn, NY. From the moment he put a saxophone together, in his hometown of Chicago, he found himself surrounded by musicians like Matana Roberts and AACM mainstay, Mwata Bowden, who were dedicated to finding an individual path to musical discovery.
Jonah’s impressive use of extended techniques including circular breathing, multi-phonics and almost impossibly nimble vocalization owes a debt to the Chicago saxophone legacy, but his devotion to a quirky almost vocal style places him in new territory for the solo saxophone. His unique approach to the baritone saxophone draws inspiration from the unadorned voices of Appalachian Music and lo-fi musicians like Bill Callahan. He has meticulously constructed a world of warm memories remembered in a cold present, as he melds the evocative nature of folk music with the chilling power of experimentalism.</p>
In addition relentlessly touring as a solo saxophonist, Jonah is an essential member of the nationally touring afrobeat ensemble, Zongo Junction, and an active freelancer in New York&#8217;s jazz and indie-rock communities.”
Saturday, October 12th at 8:00 $5 Tim Foljahn / Jonathan Wood Vincent
Saturday, October 19th at 8:00 $5 Evan Cory Levine
Saturday, November 9th at 8:00 $5 The Warp / The Weft
Alternating Tuesdays: QUIZ NIGHT!
For the past two years, everyone has been joining us for Hudson’s first and favorite all-nerd throwdown: The Spotty Dog Quiz Night.
Teams of four people or less answer four rounds of fifteen questions (or something like that), and compete for a free bar tab and a place on our Wall of Fame. New guests host every week, and it helps to be at least a little smart.
Free for everyone. Ongoing on alternate Tuesdays.

Wed, Oct. 2nd at 8:00 pm $5 Not The Wind Not The Flag

Thurs, Oct. 3rd, 5 pm: book signing with Dr. Bruce Hopkins, author of “Truth in the Rivers”

9/28/2013 8:00 Son Step + Palm


SON STEP is a unique collaborative effort featuring four active forces in Philadelphia’s original music scene.  Hungry for exploration, the band’s members (Pat Lamborn, Matt Scarano, and twin brothers Jon and Chris Coyle) are apt to mix up both instrumentation and individual roles.  Live performances often feature a communal sharing of vocal duties, and are spattered with quirky, intoxicating sounds made on guitar, synthesizer, samplers, bass and drums.  This is characteristic of the band’s Spooky Tooth EP (2011), as well as their debut full length Here Comes Dreamboat (2012), a kaleidoscope recording that effortlessly combines many elements.  Dense layers of percussion and off-kilter rhythms often give way to moments of intricate composition and heartfelt lyricism.  Colorful harmonies and oddly addictive grooves rise to the surface without notice.  And while the band touches upon an array of influences- ambient, post-punk, world music, and beyond- they also create something urgent and distinctly original, something that should be heard by listeners and audiences seeking a new kind of music.

Wednesday, October 2nd 8:00 Not The Wind Not The Flag + Lea Bertucci


Not the Wind, Not the Flag is a duo consisting of Colin Fisher (guitar, bouzouki, ney, tenor sax, guzheng, hulusi, misc percussion) and Brandon Valdivia (Trap set, Mbira, Slit Drum, Percussion). Music is a way of accessing the divine.  Vibration is the echo of our creation.  For Colin and Brandon the experience of music is a transformative tool.  A conduit for gnosis and discovering the true self. On any occasion their music could echo the traditions of  Balinese music, West African music,  Persian or Turkish music or it could be devastatingly loud Post-Hardcore, Noise, Free jazz eruptions.  Or all of the aforementioned at once!  The music refrains from being derivative but comes from a place of deep respect for the music that has lifted and guided their spirits.

Lea Bertucci is an interdisciplinary artist working with photography, video, installation and sound. The emphasis of her work lies in the creative description of space, whether through light, movement or sound. She is a 2007 Tierney Fellow and holds a degree in Photography from Bard College. She is one half of the experimental music duo TwistyCat and enjoys the creative use of obsolete technologies.


Guy De Bièvre (BE) is a composer, musician, sound designer and sound art curator. His music has been commissioned and/or performed by musicians such as Guy Klucevsek, Seth Josel, Anne La Berge, The Bozza Mansion Project, Zivatar Trio, Zwerm and various local and international organizations. As a composer/performer (guitar, lap steel and electronics) he focusses on open form composition, which was also the topic of his PhD at the School of Arts, Brunel University, London. He performed internationally, both solo and with musicians/composers like Anne La Berge, Phill Niblock, Peter Zummo, Tom Hamilton, etc. Next to all this he is teaching (“ear cleaning“ at RITS in Brussels and occasionally guest-teaching in various local and international schools, e.g. TU Berlin, Brunel University London, Seam Weimar, KASK Gent), freelancing as a writer, sound engineer, sound designer and consultant. He was the curator of the audio art series Earwitness at CCNOA (Centre for Contemporary Non Objective Art) in Brussels and of the Culture Mile in Enschede, Holland (first instalment in November 2008 (Bill Fontana)).

Time Zones 0.4 - Private Mutations

Time Zones 0.4 is the fourth in a series of works exploring time perception in music and sound art. TZ0.1 was performed by myself and flutist Anne La Berge in Ferbuary 2013 in Berlin. TZ0.2 is a variation on 0.1 and has yet to be performed. TZ0.3 (Water Clock) is a commission from the Transit Festival in Leuven, to be performed by Ensemble PlusMinus in October 2013.

Time Zones 0.4 – Private Mutations was written specifically for the trio consisting of Peter Zummo (trombone), Al Margolis (electronics) and myself (lap steel), for the performance at The Spotty Dog.

As often is the case with my works it leaves quite some decision making to the performers’ discretion, while steering them in specific direction(s).


Loud & Sad is the long running collaboration of Joe Houpert & Nathan McLaughlin, currently based out of Philadelphia, PA and Hudson, NY. Both individually in their solo work, and together in this duo, Houpert and McLaughlin explore the vocabulary of the reel to reel tape machine as a partner in accompaniment. They have built up this tape machine vocabulary through various phases of their work, utilizing a variety of instrument sources and trying to ground those in social concepts and ideas. The current focus is adding folk instrumentation to that vocabulary, with renewed emphasis being put into the energy of live performance. They have a number of releases that chronicle their various incarnations on labels such as cae-sur-a, FET Press, Digitalis, Greenup Industries and an upcoming release on Tranquility Tapes. You can also hear their work as part of the trio Tilth, with Cody Yantis.



Tim Foljahn’s voice was made for the dark hours — a hollowed out, worn down, shadow-smudged baritone that seems to speak always from the corner of the room that you can’t see very well. He takes his time with the words, leaving long spaces between his thoughts so that you have time to think about what he’s said or, if you prefer, to forget about it altogether and start afresh with each hallucinatory phrase. He has a way of stretching out content without diluting it, so that the pauses become part of the narrative, the silences integral to the songs. The effect is surreal, yet the lyrics are plain spoken with hardly a three-syllable word among them. Music, too, is pared to essentials. Here on Songs for an Age of Extinction, Foljahn accompanies these ruminations pretty much all by himself, framing them with minimal guitar, silvery electric piano or the wheeze of small town church organ.

Foljahn is part of the extended Sonic Youth family — a frequent collaborator with Steve Shelley, the original guitar player on Thurston Moore’s Psychic Hearts, a member, with Moore, of Male Slut. He was Cat Power’s first guitar player, too (through the first Matador album), and has played with Townes Van Zandt, Half Japanese and Boredoms. The primary outlet for his own songs, up to this point, has been Two Dollar Guitar (with Shelley and Dave Motamed), a slowed-down, quietly desolate excursion into minimal Americana.

Jonathan Wood Vincent’s songs straddle the borders between improvisation and composition, control and chaos, sentimentality and thaumaturgical esotericism.  The Joseph Smith of Mars,  imagine Scott Walker as a Goth Liberace.

Inimitable reincarnated bluesman, one of Hudson but now of Philly. Captivating unmistakable and singular renditions of Americana classics, and more.


The Warp/The Weft blends the traditional and the avant-garde; has the warmth of a hearth, pipe and sweater, and the edge of a honed straight razor; cozies up to yer heart; is:  David Andersen on Bass/Keyboards, Christian Laura on drums, Shane Murphy on acoustic guitar and providing ocals, and Chris Pellnat on electric guitar. The band formed in 2012, in Poughkeepsie, New York.

Friday, November 15th at 8:00 $5 if, Bwana / Crank Sturgeon / Walter Wright



Since the Eighties, Al Margolis has earned himself an international reputation as a vanguard for experimental music, running the indie cassette label Sound of Pig Music. Among the label’s diverse and thrilling offerings, you will find numerous releases by Margolis (under the identity: If, Bwana), wherein he explores a plethora of sonic experiments, transforming conventional sounds into uncanny otherness, and even finding ways to distort unconventional distortions. His music has succeeded in fusing ambience with industrial and musique concrete, producing strange soundscapes that are both soothing and unnerving, often at the same time.

In the Nineties, Margolis evolved the Sound of Pig label into Pogus Productions, replacing the cassette medium with compact disk technology. His own sonic pursuits have matured too, growing ever stranger and more daring.

Puckish experimentalist Crank Sturgeon delights audiences with his anarchic performances, featuring homemade electronics,

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